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Do I have to register in advance?

Advance registration is not required, though it is the most cost-effective and can save you up to $696.00 depending on when you register. Full pricing details can be found here: https://ziw.zukenusa.com/register/

What are the different registration types?

  • During the registration process you will be asked to select a registration TYPE.
  • Below are descriptions of each:
    • Attendee – the majority of participants will select this option; it is for general attendees – those who do not meet the criteria for any of the specific types below.
    • NEW Customer – Applies to participants from companies who have made first-time purchases between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019.
    • Editor – members of the press.
    • Exhibitor – participants from companies exhibiting in the Technology Showcase.
    • Guest –this registration type includes access only to the Welcome Reception, Ladies’ Dinner, and Conference Dinner and is intended for guests of attendees. Conference classes, lunches and coffee breaks are not included.
    • Speaker – participants who have had abstracts accepted for placement on the agenda.

If I only want to attend 1 day of the conference, is that possible?

The conference fee includes all classes and activities on April 15, 16 and 17. You may choose to attend all or any combination of days; the price remains the same.

What networking events take place during the conference?

Networking is consistently cited as a main reason for attending. Participants will be able to interact with one another during breakfasts, lunches and coffee breaks as well as during specific networking events including the Welcome Reception, Technology Showcase, and Conference Dinner.

NEW this year – we are incorporating an online feature into the registration process allowing attendees to request and schedule networking meetings with one another.

What meals are included with conference registration?

See below for a listing of meals included with each registration type:

  Attendee New Customer Editor Exhibitor Speaker Guest
Welcome Reception (April 15) X X X X X X
Breakfast (April 16 and 17) X X X X X
Lunch (April 16 and 17) X X X X X
Coffee breaks (April 16 and 17) X X X X X
Ladies’ Dinner (April 16) X X X X X X
Conference Dinner (April 17) X X X X X X

What if I have a food allergy?

If you have specific food allergies or dietary restrictions (vegan, Halal, Kosher etc.) there is a place to indicate that during the registration process. We will work with the chef and do our best to accommodate you.

Will there be WiFi at the conference?

Free WiFi will be available in the conference area. WiFi is available free of charge in hotel guest rooms to all members of the Marriott Rewards program.

What is the conference cancellation policy?

Zuken requires that all cancellations be submitted via email to ziw.ar@zukenusa.com. Cancellation fees apply to all registrants according to the table below. No refunds will be issued after March 22, 2019.

Cancellation Fees

Date Cancellation Fee Refund Amount
On or before February 28, 2019 $40 Super Early Bird – $59

Early Bird – $309

Guest – $59

On or before March 22, 2019 $100 Super Early Bird – $0

Early Bird – $249

Attendee – $595

Guest – $0

After March 22, 2019 100% No Refund

Can I transfer my registration if I can no longer attend?

There is no fee to process attendee name substitutions. Please e-mail substitution requests to amy.clements@zukenusa.com before March 22, 2019. Substitutions printed on company letterhead will also be accepted during on-site registration.

I have a question not covered here; whom do I contact?

Please contact Amy Clements, the conference manager, with any additional questions you may have.


This conference is a great way to learn about the Zuken tools for your immediate needs and see how your organization can advance with the other add-ons…

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